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Sales Tax Compliance

This is a confusing area even with the best software!  We understand your needs and will help you navigate the complex state sales and payroll tax structures in the US. 

Bridge Solution

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Sales Tax Compliance

We have found that regardless of the software you choose to record and pay your sales tax there are always situations that require a little assistance.  

Customer Service

Over and over again we find clients need to make changes, add or subtract states, need to file manual returns and run into poor customer services from their tax software company. It really should not be that way considering the fees they charge, but it is.


We are a bridge between your sales tax software and you. We speak their language and check to see if everything  is flowing smoothly. We intend to be your year round partner in tax compliance. Using our proprietary app  we will keep you posted on important deadlines, where things stand in the preparation process and important opportunities. 

Information Technology
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  • State Tax Register

    Perfect for sales tax and payroll tax registrations
    • We will register you for sales or payroll tax needs
    • We will provide you a list of need information
    • We will begin work immediately
    • We will update on progress through our app